Дома из кирпича маленькие: Проекты маленьких домов из кирпича, фото, цены, готовые и типовые. Каталог содержит планировки, планы и чертежи


Маленькие, кирпичные дома фото – 135 лучших примеров, фото фасада частных загородных домов и коттеджей

Side and Back Door Porticos

Georgia Front Porch

Bracket portico for side door of house. The roof features a shed style metal roof. Designed and built by Georgia Front Porch.
Источник вдохновения для домашнего уюта: маленький, кирпичный, оранжевый частный загородный дом в классическом стиле с односкатной крышей и металлической крышей

The Bottle & The Bowl

Lubowicki Architecture

The front view from the street of the existing 1894 house, with a new porch, new landscaping, and a new roof.
На фото: кирпичный, белый, маленький, одноэтажный частный загородный дом в современном стиле с вальмовой крышей и металлической крышей с

Fall Containers

Smalls Landscaping

Seasonal window display. This a fast, cheap, easy idea to give that «something» during the Fall season to your outdoor living space. It has become a Houzz Favorite!

Custom Exterior Painting

Tiffany Young & Crew

Источник вдохновения для домашнего уюта: маленький, одноэтажный, кирпичный, белый частный загородный дом в стиле модернизм с вальмовой крышей, крышей из гибкой черепицы, серой крышей и отделкой планкеном

White House

Light House Architecture & Science

Стильный дизайн: маленький, одноэтажный, кирпичный, красный частный загородный дом в современном стиле с плоской крышей и металлической крышей — последний тренд

Nulla Vale

MRTN Architects

Nulla Vale is a small dwelling and shed located on a large former grazing site. The structure anticipates a more permanent home to be built at some stage in the future.

Early settler homes and rural shed types are referenced in the design. The Shed and House are identical in their overall dimensions and from a distance, their silhouette is the familiar gable ended form commonly associated with farming sheds. Up close, however, the two structures are clearly defined as shed and house through the material, void, and volume. The shed was custom designed by us directly with a shed fabrication company using their systems to create a shed that is part storage part entryways. Clad entirely in heritage grade corrugated galvanized iron with a roof oriented and pitched to maximize solar exposure through the seasons. The House is constructed from salvaged bricks and corrugated iron in addition to rough sawn timber and new galvanized roofing on pre-engineered timber trusses that are left exposed both inside and out. Materials were selected to meet the clients’ brief that house fit within the cognitive idea of an ‘old shed’. Internally the finishes are the same as outside, no plasterboard and no paint.
LED lighting strips concealed on top of the rafters reflect light off the foil-backed insulation. The house provides the means to eat, sleep and wash in a space that is part of the experience of being on the site and not removed from it.

The Power House

Michael McKinley and Associates, LLC

This 1914 former streetcar power substation was meticulously preserved and converted into a a guest house for a Watch Hill, RI family.
На фото: маленький, одноэтажный, кирпичный, красный частный загородный дом в стиле лофт с двускатной крышей

Wexley — Contemporary Infill

Visbeen Architects

Interior Designer: Vision Interiors by Visbeen Builder: Joel Peterson Homes Photographer: Ashley Avila Photography As a conceptual urban infill project, the Wexley, is designed for a narrow lot in the center of a city block. The 26’x48’ floor plan is divided into thirds from front to back and from left to right. In plan, the left third is reserved for circulation spaces and is reflected in elevation by a monolithic block wall in three shades of gray. Punching through this block wall, in three distinct parts, are the main levels windows for the stair tower, bathroom, and patio. The right two thirds of the main level are reserved for the living room, kitchen, and dining room. At 16’ long, front to back, these three rooms align perfectly with the three-part block wall façade. It’s this interplay between plan and elevation that creates cohesion between each façade, no matter where it’s viewed. Given that this project would have neighbors on either side, great care was taken in crafting desirable vistas for the living, dinning, and master bedroom. Upstairs, with a view to the street, the master bedroom has a pair of closets and a skillfully planned bathroom complete with soaker tub and separate tiled shower. Main level cabinetry and built-ins serve as dividing elements between rooms and framing elements for views outside.

Flip House — Ridley

Chamberlain Renovations

Идея дизайна: маленький, одноэтажный, кирпичный, белый частный загородный дом в классическом стиле с двускатной крышей и крышей из гибкой черепицы

Queen Anne Hill House

Lane Williams Architects

This very urban home is carefully scaled to the neighborhood, and the small 3600 square foot lot.
Источник вдохновения для домашнего уюта: маленький, трехэтажный, кирпичный, черный дом в стиле модернизм с плоской крышей

Mid Century Modern Carport

Christine Kelly / Crafted Architecture

Mid Century Modern Carport with cathedral ceiling and steel post construction. Greg Hadley Photography
Пример оригинального дизайна: кирпичный, маленький, одноэтажный, бежевый дом в классическом стиле

Recycled 50’s Rancher


The original house, built in 1953, was a red brick, rectangular box. All that remains of the original structure are three walls and part of the original basement. We added everything you see including a bump-out and addition for a gourmet, eat-in kitchen, family room, expanded master bedroom and bath. And the home blends nicely into the neighborhood without looking bigger (wider) from the street. Every city and town in America has similar houses which can be recycled. Photo courtesy Andrea Hubbell

Small Home with a Big Heart

Tommy Daspit Photographer

New home construction in Homewood Alabama photographed for Willow Homes, Willow Design Studio, and Triton Stone Group by Birmingham Alabama based architectural and interiors photographer Tommy Daspit. You can see more of his work at http://tommydaspit.com

White brick exterior

Showhomes Houston

White painted brick exterior with natural wood posts.

Свежая идея для дизайна: одноэтажный, белый, маленький, кирпичный частный загородный дом в стиле неоклассика (современная классика) с черной крышей — отличное фото интерьера

This is a Sea to forest lot in the island

My Home Designer

Stunning view of the Pacific ocean and this house is taking all the view it can.
Пример оригинального дизайна: маленький, одноэтажный, кирпичный, бежевый мини дом в современном стиле с односкатной крышей и металлической крышей

House // TW

M Gooden Design

Photo: Roy Aguilar
Источник вдохновения для домашнего уюта: маленький, одноэтажный, кирпичный, черный частный загородный дом в стиле ретро с двускатной крышей и металлической крышей

Contemporary Semi

Cordony Group

Стильный дизайн: маленький, одноэтажный, кирпичный, коричневый частный загородный дом в стиле неоклассика (современная классика) с черепичной крышей и вальмовой крышей — последний тренд

Project Hackney P1

CCASA Architects

Mark Weeks
Свежая идея для дизайна: маленький, одноэтажный, кирпичный, желтый таунхаус в стиле модернизм с плоской крышей и крышей из смешанных материалов — отличное фото интерьера

Проекты небольших кирпичных домов с фото и планировкой

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AS-1619 — проект одноэтажного дома из кирпича с баней и террасой

Площадь: 70. 6 м²
Габариты: 10.3 х 12.6
Спален: 1

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